Lace Fence
metal fabric & coated steel wire

What would happen if a patch of embroidered wire met with & continued as an industrial fence?

Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.

Lace Fence gives new insights in how we can create new environments.

Bloomstone floor
Chinese basalt

Floor is cut in a way that the seams create patterns.

Light Wind outdoor lamp
sail fabric, stainless steel & wood

With every breeze it stores energy, enough to enjoy every summer evening until forever.

Cinderella table
57 layers of birch plywood


We are plain but love the impossible.
We respect the old but want the new.
We want to challenge, confront the normal, the accepted, the expected.

We believe in fusing talented writers,
filmmakers, artists, and scientists
into a movement that will go beyond ego;
That will create a super story teller.

As designers we feel not limited to only one category.
We work with museums, architecture-, furniture- and fashion companies,
to commercial brands and self-initiated projects.
But wherever the starting point is,
challenging and beautiful products are always our aim.

Demakersvan Dutch Design House