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Iconic Lord of the Rings poster, c.1976_600 pnds_First pressing, signed and numbered by James Cauty at time of publication_Original work completed when James was 17 years old
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Operation Magic Kingdom: Dead Dad 2_large billboard poster_90 pnds

Operation Magic Kingdom: Winning Hearts & Minds_25 pnds_sold_Duck-art shop

'We Want Jimmy' billboard, Old Street
>In the street art riddled streets of London, Lichtenstein-ian AgitPop artist JAMES CAUTY knows to get a little attention you have to pull out the big guns. In other words, Kate Moss. Such was the case when the young (?!) artist liberated a few East End billboards in the name of art, er, self-promotion (there is a website listed on there after all). Nicely done. (supertouchart.com)

Old Street billboard
Billboard Liberation: On the Wall with James Cauty
Jimmy Cauty billboards

Bugs & Daffy_Jimmy and Harry Cauty
BAM BAM BAM Looney Tunes Series
jCauty & Son
Splatter (vid)

First edition, a paperback original, containing the now scarce mint sheet of stamps_5 pnds_The Amuti Gallery & Bookshop
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Riot Police stamp art_flickr.com

He Understands sticker_flickr.com

God is Boring set_250 pnds_A rare set of 4 prints now deleted by James Cauty_Duck-art shop

Carbon is Poison sticker
James Cauty set on Flickr

Terror Aware Smart tie_Blacksmoke
Blacksmoke a.k.a. The Blacksmoke Organisation are "an occasional art collective and musical group dedicated to the propagation of audio visual noise". The group was founded by The KLF co-founder Jimmy Cauty, James Fogarty (a prolific underground musician) and like-minded experimental artists.

Bunker-Buster Jigsaw Puzzle_Blacksmoke
Jimmy Cauty Opens Terrorist Aware Gift Shop

T for Terror t-shirt_Blacksmoke
Blackoff: A Post-Terrorist Xmas Gift Shop

America Shut Up_60 pnds_From the controversial "Shut Up America Series". These prints have now been deleted by James Cauty. Each Print is numbered and stamped._Duck-art shop

James Cauty
(commonly known as Jimmy or Jimi Cauty, also known as Rockman Rock) (born December 19, 1956) is a British artist and musician born in Totnes, Devon, England in 1956. Cauty is best known as one half of the hitmaking duo The KLF; as co-founder of The Orb and a leading innovator in the birth of the ambient house genre; and as the man who (along with former bandmate Bill Drummond) burnt one million pounds. Bio

K Foundation Burn a Million Quid
Initially, Bill Drummond was unrepentant, telling The Observer in 2000 that he couldn't imagine ever feeling regret unless his child was ill and only "an expensive clinic" could cure him. By 2004, however, he had admitted to the BBC that he now regretted burning the money. "It's a hard one to explain to your kids and it doesn't get any easier. I wish I could explain why I did it so people would understand."

Interview with James Cauty
>Your new band, Blacksmoke, seems much angrier and more overtly political than the KLF - why is this?

Don't know why...just some unfinished business. I guess the idea is you listen to the EP 'Kittens of Mass Destruction' before going out on a riot, just to get you in the mood.
>Are you aware of Microsoft and others' attempts to use digital rights management to control the way people can use/abuse/reuse audio, video etc on their computers? If so, what do you think of this trend?
I'd like to see the total collapse of the music, TV and film industry. I noticed Metallica got upset about the Napster thing. Their argument is that they should get a royalty every time someone downloads a track. Isn't that like the plumber getting royalties whenever you turn on the tap? I think if I was in a band I’d tell the record company to fuck off and release it all free on the internet. Just forget about trying to make money and just concentrate on the music.

Kunstterrorist Organisation (KTOrg) is probably best-known for the controversial political art works created by the founder Filip Filkovic. Filkovic was also involved in the making of art pieces for Cautese National Postal Disservice (CNPD) project founded by James Cauty of The KLF. Together with Cauty, Filkovic created some of the works in 2007 and 2008 until the final closure of CNPD. According to the official website of Kunstterrorist Organisation, all the works ever created and published via their web shop hold direct reference to popular culture via dystopian and counterculture ways and also directly criticizes the world government's policies and the erosion of freedom.
Kunstterrorist Organisation

The Cautese NationĂ¡l Postal Disservice (CNPD) is a Cinderella stamp producer founded by British artist/musician Jimmy Cauty.
It produces parodies of Royal Mail stamps, some of which are collected by enthusiasts. More

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