Shoes - Fall 09

The Accessories Wall: Fall 2009 Shoes
Specifically, let's talk Fall '09 shoes. Far more experienced fashion scholars than ourselves could probably spin out theories having to do with the economy or the Presidential election or any of a number of politico-socio-econo-cultural events as to why this is the case, but has anyone noticed how complicated shoes are getting? Where are the simple pumps, mules and slingbacks? Half of these shoes look like they require an engineering degree just to get them on. Walking in them is, of course, a secondary consideration. That's not actually anything new. Fashion has been dictating that woman walk slowly and carefully for centuries now. It's all about the design, not the practicality. Which is fine, we'd rather talk about how they look rather than the inevitable surgical interventions they will induce. By all means, point out that they're hard or nearly impossible to walk in, but that tends to make for a somewhat limited conversation. It's the look that inspires; not whether or not one can catch a bus in them. Because let's face it, no woman wearing any of the following shoes is going to be riding public transportation any time soon.

One thing that's notable about shoe fashion (if not fashion in general) in recent years is that there is no longer one type of heel or one type of sole or one shape of toe box that's in vogue. It's all up in the air. About the only thing you definitely won't see in the following examples is a low heel. It's all about height, baby.



Jean Paul Gaultier

Oscar de la Renta