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The Vaio Zoom notebook concept takes everything we know about holographic technology and squeezes it inside a thin glass form factor. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the mouse buttons are holographic!
It’s just a concept so there’s no info on important tidbits like tactile feedback, battery life, system stats, etc., but rest assured technologies like this are closer than you think. It may not come all at once but it’s coming.
Designer: Eno Setiawan

I am so in love…Can I get a side order of future now with my reality?

Mmm… *futuristic gadget lust* I would pay an obscene amount of money for a laptop like this, and then light myself on fire when I scratched/dropped it.


Dance Dance Revolution: The Hottest Names in Canadian Dance

Created in 2002 by co-artistic directors Victor Quijada and Anne Plamondon, RubberBanDance's focus is the exciting new wave of "intelligent hip-hop," which takes an intelligent approach to urban dance.

A woman breaks free of the physical and psychological binds of a stifling relationship.

David Seidner: Paris Fashions 1945
In 1944, the war-battered French couture industry decided to revive its international reputation by conceiving a small exhibition entitled Théâtre de la Mode. The exhibition organizer enlisted the major fashion designers of the day, including Jeanne Lanvin, Lucien Lelong, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Pierre Balmain to create outfits for small wire-frame dolls just over two feet tall.

The exhibition of over 230 dolls, displayed in artist-designed sets, opened in Paris on March 27, 1945 at the Museum of Decorative Arts. It was an instant sensation, and traveled to London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, New York, and San Francisco. With the return of the French fashion industry, the dolls had completed their work and were donated to the Maryhill Museum near Portland, Oregon, where they disappeared from view.

[photog: David Seidner]

Since arriving in New York, Leigh Pennebaker's work has been featured in the windows of Barneys New York, as well as Saks Fifth Avlenue, Calypso, Frock Vintage, Screaming Mimis, Fragments and Shreve Crump & Low...Her sculpture has adorned the Manhattan studios of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Her work is in private collections across the United States as well as Europe and South Africa.

"My sculpture deals with my lifelong fascination with fashion, women and beauty. I view my work as three-dimensional caricature through which I channel the spirits of southern belles, divas, vixens and ingenues.

To me, style is about so much more than fabric or fashion. It's about how something is worn, and even more importantly, why. With each wire dress I explore the presence of the female form and gesture without sculpting representations of actual female body parts. Instead, I allude to physical bearing, spirit and impulse through sculpted clothing."

Mirror mesh+Square bracelet (bag) by acrylic__€172

Masako Ban was born in Tokyo. After working for Shigeru Ban Architects, she was active as a graphic designer. In 2001, Ban began designing accessories through self-education in London and established acrylic in Tokyo, 2003. In 2005, her first collection was selected for the MoMA Design Store, New York, and in November of the same year, she opened "acrylic shop" in Tokyo.

Admirers of Marc Newson’s streamlined furniture and crisp industrial design may be surprised to see his latest creation — a strikingly ornate diamond and sapphire necklace he conceived for Boucheron, the French jewelry house. The one-of-a-kind Julia necklace, which is being introduced at a couture-week party in Paris tomorrow evening, was inspired by Newson’s obsession with fractals — geometric shapes that can be subdivided into smaller versions of themselves, specifically the Julia Sets of fractals discovered by Gaston Julia in the early 1900s.

“Fractals are fascinating, complex and rich,” Newson says, “and gemstones really lend themselves to exploiting their beauty.”

The scientifically-spawned sparkler contains around 2,000 paved stones and took the company’s craftspeople 1,500 hours to realize using rapid-prototyping technology and a minimal three-prong setting, so the stones appear to float on the wearer’s throat. One thing that won’t be floating, however, is the price tag.

“I wasn’t thinking luxury at all, but the technical rigorousness of the piece, as well as the sheer number of stones that went into it will probably make this one of the most expensive necklaces Boucheron’s ever made.” [The Moment - Jul.09]

Fractal Images

Everyone who has used an eraser would agree with the wish for an eraser with a comfortable and precise corner that never wears out. With the new Viss, Metaphys has given shape to this reality.
[€56.50 / 15 pcs]

A master at combining aesthetics and mechanics, artist Jonathan Schipper recently joined forces with fellow artist Amelia Biewald to create a stunning metal iPhone case that they've dubbed Exovault.

Made from solid aluminum, brass or titanium, the handcrafted cases lend a steampunk look to the device—a big step up from the plastic varieties that house most iPhones today. Over time, the lustrous surface will develop a uniquely exquisite patina, making the durable casing that much more appealing... The aluminum and brass versions run $95, while the titanium version will set you back $300. [Cool Hunting]

Things to Improve Your Life
Our 2009 global round-up of the people, places and pursuits to improve the way you live, work and rest.

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is an international philanthropic programme created to assist extraordinary, rising artists to achieve their full potential. It seeks out these artists from around the world and brings them together with great masters, for a year of creative collaboration in a one-to-one mentoring relationship.

In Pictures: The Most Successful Male Models

No. 1: Sean O'Pry
The Kennesaw, Ga., native had never even flown on a plane before he was discovered through his MySpace page at the age of 17. O'Pry has 2009 campaigns for Joop, H&M and Lacoste and has appeared in editorial spreads in magazines including Numero Homme, Details and Interview.

[pic: InterviewMagazine.com]