Photog of the Year

The shortlist for the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year competition ("The world's biggest photo contest." - Telegraph) has now been announced, with the top images now appearing right here on PhotoRadar. The images were chosen by category judges and represent the best images from each category.

The Digital Camera Photographer of the Year competition this year received over 100,000 entries all vying for the £10,000 prize. Split into 10 categories including People and Portraits, This is Britain, Man-made and more, judging the competition this year proved exceptionally difficult. Here though, we present the Editor's Choice Shortlist for each category. You may recognise the work of fellow PhotoRadar members in this collection.

These short-listed images were chosen after much deliberation by a pre-selection panel, and will now enter the final judging stage. Commended images will be announced in November, with the category winners and overall winner being revealed in early December.

What the judges were looking for:
Despite the title of this category, pictures shouldn't just be focused on the latest clothing trends. Images should be shot in an innovative way and show experimentation on the part of the photographer. Judges will be looking for fresh, creative ideas that reflect contemporary styles.
Two Different Sides__Michael Novrianus Maikro

Dress Makes the Man__Elena Fantini

What the judges were looking for:
Pictures that make full use of mono digital-darkroom techniques. Any subject qualifies in this category - as long as the image is mono (toning is also permitted). Try to use the medium to its full advantage, with rich blacks and clean whites. Use dodging and burning techniques to add drama, experiment with high-key and low-key treatments and look for texture, shape and form.

Perthy Night__AA Los Banos

Stripes__Gabor Pozsgai

Light and Shadow__Pierre Pellegrini

What the judges were looking for:
Inspiring views of the world around us. Rural scenes, sprawling cityscapes, atmospheric coastal shots - it doesn't matter where your photograph was taken, but it needs to capture a powerful sense of place. The location itself doesn't have to be dramatic - great light, composition and creative camera techniques can all be used to transform an everyday subject into something truly memorable.
Early Morning Geometries__Tiberio Taverni

What the judges were looking for:
The 'anything goes' category. Images entered here should reveal an eye for an original picture, whether that's through an unusual take on a familiar subject, creative exposure or composition techniques and of course innovative image manipulation in the digital darkroom. Or a cunning combination of all these elements.
Exploding Face__Vincent Li