Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke: On Modelling, Music and Kate Moss
JAMIE Burke is all about the hair. In 2005, when he was 20, he had a brief, precocious fling with Kate Moss, then 31, and they were pictured in Aspen together, with their hair flowing in the snow. Next, signing a modelling contract with Calvin Klein, he perfected the art of the soulful hair toss.

His macho-mermaid look makes him easily identifiable when he is photographed in a clinch with a troubled starlet (Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan). And when he rocks out on stage with his band burke., he throws his hair around a lot. Never mind that builders sometimes wolf-whistle at him, mistaking him for a girl. Never mind that he can only wash his hair once a month because of flyaway issues - 'When it's clean it goes fluffy and that's so not rock'n'roll, man.' The chicks, he assures me, love it.

'You know, most of the girls I know don't like clean guys. They like me when I've just come off stage, not just out of the shower.' He later tells me that when he comes off stage he sometimes lies on the ground hyperventilating, so I am not sure he is in a position to be much use to said ladies.

But Burke's self-confidence is boundless. 'I'm a big lover. I'm a very sexual being. I'm just off relationships right now because it gets too intense and you can't be without them - or more likely, they can't be without you...' [...]

BURKE only does modelling to subsidise his true love, music. 'I don't want to be photographed in underwear or some crop top, it's not how I roll.' But he likes working for Calvin Klein because they treat him not as a model but as 'a personality'. [...]

I ASK if he finds he often annoys people. 'There's always haters, for sure. The better you do, the more haters there are. It's jealousy. I don't want to blow my own horn but there it is.'

Finally, one last puppyish boast: 'You know, the worst are the girls you're not interested in. They can get really mean and nasty. They'll come up to you after a show and try it on and if you don't show them the right attention they're like, "Do you think you're some kind of superstar?" No, I just don't want to shag you!'

Oh, Jamie. I'd pat him on the head, if it had only seen a little more shampoo. He slides on his shades and heads off with a friendly wave. The Burke has left the building. END

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