Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson (born July 12, 1975) is an American actor and singer.

- Early in his career, he worked as a back up singer for Vanessa Williams, Heather Headley, and Liza Minnelli.

- 2005: Originated his first Broadway leading role as Elvis Presley in All Shook Up earning him a Theatre World Award for "Outstanding Broadway Debut".

- Portrayed Mark Bingham in the 2006 Academy Award nominated United 93 which earned him the Boston Society of Film Critics 2006 award for "Best Ensemble Cast".

- Is a recurring series regular, portraying Jack/Danny Baker on NBC's 30 Rock; has also guest starred on several series including Lipstick Jungle, Life on Mars, and Ugly Betty.

- 2009: Starred in a sold out one man show, Back to the Start; later teamed up with Michael Feinstein to create nightclub act The Power of Two which was praised by the New York Times, Variety, and the New York Daily News among others. A CD of the show was released on November 3, 2009.

- 2008: Named Out magazine's "Entertainer of the Year".

- Is an international ambassador for amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research).

- Was born in Idaho and named by his father after a 1950s Western series; his father is a Native American and a Vietnam vet.

- His parents were evangelical born-again Christians and this caused tension when he came out to them as gay at 19; eventually they accepted his homosexuality.

- Jackson's partner, Monte, is a physicist; they have been together since 1999.

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Interview with Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson (vid)
Xanadu's leading man discusses how being gay has affected his career - and those short shorts

Cheyenne Jackson's Popeye Love
The first time that I knew I was gay I think I was, like, 7. I was watching this Valentine's Day Popeye cartoon episode that would play every year. There was this scene where Popeye was captured by Brutus, tied up with no shoes or socks on, and Brutus starts tickling his feet. I remember getting a little boner.

Broadway's 'It' Boy
Out Broadway Baby Cheyenne Jackson Lends His Talents and Chops to Metro-D.C. PFLAG

Last year, Out Magazine named budding actor Cheyenne Jackson its Entertainer of the Year. "It was a great honor," says Jackson, best known as the star of Broadway's Xanadu. "But in terms of what I have to offer, they ain't seen nothing yet."

From Broadway to television to film, Jackson is certainly one of today's hardest-working men in show business. The actor, who got his start in Washington state but who has called New York home for the past few years, is even preparing to launch a recording career.

"I want to stay challenged and I want to stay busy," he says. "I work really, really hard. My family would say too hard because I never seem to give myself a break. But I love it." [...]

Live Chat with Cheyenne Jackson
Why do we never see your partner, is he real or imaginary?
you never see my partner because he doesn't want to be seen. he says he is like the amish, that if you take his picture, you take part of his soul.

believe me, if i had my way, he would be on my arm at every bloody event, he's hunky and hilarious, but he is just private. but if you are really stealth, you can catch him sometimes. be on the lookout for the 6'4" scientist who ducks out of every photo op....



[CheyenneJackson.com - EXCERPT]
I’LL leave you with a funny Xanadu story. Now at this point, I am used to distractions at Xanadu. People sometimes shout things, some people stand up and dance, a couple weeks ago, the entire onstage seating was full of drag queens......you get the picture. So last week at a matinee, I am doing my monologue that starts the show and right as i get up from my chalk drawing and come down center stage, some ladys’ cell phone goes off. Not one ring, not two rings, but five long rings....and not normal cell phone rings, but strange sounding, high-pitched rings. I was annoyed. I saw the lady who I thought it was coming from and I decided to put her on the spot a bit. She saw me looking at her and tried to clumsily shut it off, but it continued to beep, beep......beep. Something came over me, my concentration was completely gone at this point, and I just stopped the show and said...."and now, we wait.”......and I just looked at her. The beeping finally stopped, she smiled up at me, I took a breath and went on with it.

Later, backstage we all were laughing and re-telling the story to others who hadn’t heard what I had done, and swapping other cell phone horror stories like how Nathan Lane would grab the phone and shout into it...."SHE CAN"T TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW SHE’S WATCHING A SHOW!”.....Or how Billy Crystal and Brian Dennehy would deal in similar and swift fashion. I was feeling very proud of myself to be included with these guys when the house manager came up to me and quietly said......."Just wanted you to know that that wasn’t a cell phone, it was feedback from a ladys’ hearing aide.”

So if by any chance that woman is reading this........I’m sorry, and would like to treat you to a nice dinner at Applebees, which apparently is my favorite restaurant, though I’ve never been there.