Shepard Fairey

Urban/graphic artist

LA Philharmonic Hall
concert series poster

Operation Oil Freedom

Rock the Vote

Mujer Fatal

Penguin Books cover

Bomb It movie poster

War is Over

Drop Sneakers Not Bombs
Active skate shoes campaign

MSTRKRFT/Z-Trip album cover

Billy Idol album design

Penguin Books cover

War For Sale

Kiss Me Deadly

One Hell of a Leader


NineteenEightyFouria exhibit

Shepard Fairey in front of one of his installations

Vestal Shepard Fairey Watch

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Obey Giant
Obey manifesto

"I never set out to be a groundbreaking artist, in the sense of doing something that's never been done before. I set out to make stuff that communicated quickly and effectively, playing off of advertising, pop art, and pop culture. I thought, "If I'm going to put my work in the street, it really has to stand out from all the clutter." I wanted it to be analogous to the way advertising functions. I based the images, the style, the color palette on things that had worked on me."

Reader's Comment: "A copy is a copy - if you are of the opinion it's ok to use other people's work, then you shouldn't kick up a stink when other people use yours. And it smells like hypocrisy when the artist blasts those who copy his copies."
Mother Jones interview

The diabetes has also affected his eyesight, at one point causing temporary blindness.
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