Academy Awards

SCORE: 6/10
YES: bodice ; fit ; elegant draping
NO: colour ; facial expression ; dark nail polish ; lack of accessories

Evan Rachel Wood_Elie Saab

"The draping on that dress is FAB-ulous! It's artful and gorgeous and I want it! When she sees this shot she'll probably regret that she looks so haughty and realize the dress is prettier than she is."

SCORE: 8/10
YES: bodice ; pretty draping
NO: garden party colour ; boring jewelry ; hair & brows too severe

Natalie Portman_Rodarte

dress. Though I agree...she could use a stunning necklace to go with it."

"Loved the dress on Natalie but throughout the walk down the red carpet, I kept thinking either she has a migraine or she's peeved with someone or something. I think it's the shape of the eyebrows that gives her something of a "mean" look. Maybe ought to consider softening up those puppies."

SCORE: 6/10
YES: colour ; homage to her culture
NO: style ; fabric looks cheap

Freida Pinto_John Galliano

"I love her dress. I love that she wore something from her culture."

"The color is amazing on her, but I wish it didn't have that awkward sleeve. That just seems to throw off the whole dress."

SCORE: 1/10
YES: hair
NO: style ; fabric

Leslie Mann

Reminds me of a cheap necklace I once bought at a Sarah Coventry jewelry party. I was 14."

"The Reynolds Company should be proud."

like she skinned a disco ball."

SCORE: 5/10
YES: originality ; dramatic train
NO: colour ; train overwhelms ; hair ; boring jewelry

Marisa Tomei_Versace

"She's so tiny! Why such a big dress?"

like a little too much dress for her little frame. Take some of the train off and change the color and she would be good."

SCORE: 1/10
YES: style & fit (top half)
NO: style (bottom half) ; colour ; belt ; hair

Miley Cyrus

"She looks like an old Christmas candle."

"I love that the redneck princess has dressed according to the Disney Princess codes."

SCORE: 1/10
YES: clutch
NO: fit ; style ; colour ; messy hair

Jessica Biel_Prada

is she gift wrapped?

"Not only
did she wear the tablecloth, she made sure she had a napkin as well."

"This dress REEKS! If it was a vegetable, it would be a rutabaga."

"This dress is a mess! It's funny when women who basically are famous because of showing their body try to cover up and they just look awful. Next time wear something tight girl, LOL"

SCORE: 6/10
YES: colour ; fit (top half)
NO: age inappropriate

Kate Winslet_Yves Saint Laurent

, dress is far too matronly for her...maybe if it was more form fitting..but top fits great."

I love Kate and she normally looks quite elegant but this dress is a flop. The shiny satin isn't flattering and that lacy thing hanging from her waist looks like fancy dishrag."

SCORE: 1/10
YES: shoe style
NO: style ; fit ; fabric ; matchy-matchy outfit ; jewelry too big

Heidi Klum_Roland Mouret

Yard sale jewelry. No style to her hair, bad part, stick straight behind one ear. Come on girls. You are supposed to be the cream of the crop and loaded. You are too old to just show a pretty leg and think that will be enough. The dress is too loose at the waist, with screwy slit and an ill fit bodice. The neck line is suicide. Crackhead couture. Lay off the spray tan."

"Not the right look for the Oscars."

"Beautiful girl, but what's with the "Jetsons" dress?"

"She looks
like a very poorly dressed hooker."

81st Annual Academy Award Arrivals