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Beverly Hills, 90210
stars Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes are so thin that show producers and costars are poised to take action, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, on newsstands now.

"They want the girls to gain weight," a show source tells Us. "They are trying too hard to be skinny, and it's started to wear on them. It's just not healthy."

Stroup, 21, is 5-foot-8 but weighs 100 to 105 pounds while Grimes, 18, is 5-foot-3 and stands at a mere 90 pounds, Beverly Hills-based weight-management expert Dr. Joyce Peters estimates to Us. 90210 Costars Plan Intervention

Of course, no one is pointing accusatory fingers at three actresses barely out of their teens. One casting agent who works frequently with The CW turns a critical eye on the network itself. "I know in discussions at ABC and CBS that 'too skinny' is no good. They talk about it as a minus point," says the agent. "But at The CW it's a different story. They're trying to pull in the Gossip Girl audience and that's the image: hyper-skinny models." (The network declined to comment for this article.) Still, The CW hardly stands alone in holding Hollywood actresses to an impossible standard when it comes to weight: Be thin, really really thin--but not too thin! Which leaves actresses with, oh, roughly eight ounces of wiggle room. Setting a Bad Example?

You guys are seriously, seriously naive about all this. I work in the industry at a major agency and can tell you for a fact this is total BS story. They are NOT going to be told to gain weight. No way, no how. This is a PR stunt.
They were TOLD by their agents to LOSE weight - because CW WANTS them super-skinny. Just look at how much Stroup lost before she got the part.
CW loves it - it draws attention viewers etc - especially their key demographic. CW loves them like this, and so do their fans and viewers.
Also - why do we pretend skinny is an eating disorder that has any kind of impact? It sure doesn’t seem to be affecting the population much, based on the obese people I see waddling around.
And whoever said it’s coke - it’s not. Coke is a party thing and it’s not something you do all day every day. A lot of models and actresses are taking prescription ADD drugs to kill their appetite. There’s probably more Adderall within 10 miles of here than any other drug.
Anyway, let’s talk in 6 months when they haven’t gained an ounce. Will you believe me then?
And personally I think they look gorgeous. Intervention Planned

For Shenae Grimes, landing a starring role on the CW's 90210 brought with it a move from her native Toronto to Los Angeles—and relentless tabloid criticism of her body, including rumors of an eating disorder. But although the 5'3" Grimes, 19, jokes about having "the figure of a 12-year-old boy" (indeed, her BMI classifies her as underweight), she became emotional during a sitdown with PEOPLE's Monica Rizzo, explaining, "It's mean to make fun of anybody for the way they look." Don't Call Me Skinny!

"No one will send me dresses,” she says. “Designers loan size 2 or 4 samples to actresses, but I’m not that size. It’s like I’m a freak because I’m curvy and I can’t squeeze into those things. I’ve had some problems with that.” Christina Hendricks Talks About Her Figure

Starvation dieters become victims of “skinny fat syndrome” and they diet off lots of “weight”, but the weight consists of more muscle than fat, so they end up with almost no muscle left, but a lot of the fat still remains! Tabloid Tell-Alls

There's nothing wrong with losing a little pudge, but when you look like one of the starving children from Sierra Leone in Blood Diamond, something’s wrong. Ten Skinny-Ass Ladies Who Used to be Hot

For now the most overt kind of anorexia incitement — and the kind the French government seems to have in its sights — are the lurid pro-anorexia, or pro-ana, Web sites. These sites provide so-called “tips and tricks” on losing weight the lethal way. But they also produce, or link to, a You-Tube and Flickr microgenre that goes by the name of Thinspiration, or Thinspo. The Internet is jammed with it. The Girls of Thinspo

Thinspiration - Perfect
"Anorexia is a lifestyle, not a disease."
Thinspiration: So Pretty in Pain

The supermodel, whose slight frame popularised the waif look in the mid-1990s, is estimated to have weighed just seven stone (98 lbs) at her skinniest.
"You go to a show, and there's no food at all, so if you're doing shows back to back, you can forget eating. I remember standing up in the bath one day, and there was a mirror in front of me, and I was so thin! I hated it. I never liked being that skinny." Kate Moss: Supermodel Lifestyle Made Me Too Skinny