James Piatt

Photog: Ted Walton

PeaceKeeper 400__$85

Bizarrely, the PeaceKeeper integrates a set of aluminum brass knuckles for a handle. It sure is not everyone’s thing to carry what is usually considered a concealed weapon out in public, but the detachable handle may come in handy sometime on a heated Saturday night. [purseblog.com]

James Piatt is a designer working in Southern California. For the past five years he's been producing limited-run furniture and lighting pieces. His work is conceptually oriented, with each piece clearly articulating a single idea. Most have a bit of whimsy, and some, such as the Pillory Table, which opens to allow one guest to lock the head and wrists of another like a horizontal stockade, are openly satirical. He is most recognized for his controversial handbag designs.

James attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and received his degree in 1999. He has been a staff industrial designer for two major manufacturers in the U.S. and has been a consultant for product development and architecture firms. His works have won numerous awards and patents and have helped change the way we experience design. [jamespiatt.com / core77.com]

James Piatt