Design Moment

Celebs Love Eco-Tees

Purchase items like organic Ts by Luella Bartley while tracking which charities received donations from recent sales under the "What You've Done" section.

Taking its name from Sanskrit for "most pure," Amala skin and body products is made entirely from whole plant ingredients and contains no preservatives. Five percent of its profits are donated to the Amazon rain forest.

ION Salon

Founded by top hairstylists Leonardo Manetti, Marco Santini and Pasquale Ferrante, New York City luxury ION Salon is 85% green, from its products to its recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Sometimes it's the little things that add up. While the newly revamped Hotel Shangri-La uses important energy-saving fixtures like dual-flush toilets, the focus at this Art Deco-style hotel is on discreet changes like biodegradable packaging for bath amenities and recycled-paper stationery.

The 2010 Fisker Karma hybrid seems like any other luxury sports sedan, but with wood trim sourced from fallen trees, optional animal-friendly interior and a solar-panel roof, it goes the extra mile.


The French company famed for its modern furnishings is also a leader in sustainable design. Ligne Roset is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and manufactures and compartmentalizes products in a way that helps facilitate the breakdown and reuse of each object at the end of its life cycle.

Water-based and biodegradable, Nautica Oceans cologne was inspired by the ocean-tinged scent of a racing yacht's sail and, fittingly, contains hints of sea-salt rose, lavender reef and teakwood.

Not only is Xtrema ceramic cookware made from natural minerals, but the manufacturing process produces no pollutants and uses recycled water.