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First Look: The Final Issue
Today I arrived back from a meeting to find the first copies of ASM #85 on my desk. These are the preliminary copies that are air-freighted to us, so before you ask, we only have two copies of each edition. They all look f*cking fantastic; even better than the proofs.

The End of the Embargo (ie. Another Post on Sushi)
Whenever I return from a trip overseas, I’m turned off that country’s food for an indefinite period of time. Since my January visit to Japan I’ve cringed whenever someone suggested sushi for lunch or dinner. Nuh uh, not yet. Well now the cravings for Japanese are back so I made a beeline straight for Makoto.

London fashionista's personal lookbook.

pretty much in love with these tights right now.
i'll do a real outfit post with them asap, but i just got them today and couldn't wait to try them out!

love having a huge window in my room, overlooking the street. i've always dreamt of having something of the sort but never did until i moved into my place here in london. i especially love that the sunshine has been streaming through so strongly as of late- such a nice way to wake up.