Gift Guide 2008


Avery Coonley House key ring (adapted from wooden frieze designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

Coonley umbrella
The festive balloon-and-confetti motif was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the leaded-glass windows of the Avery Coonley Playhouse (c.1912) , Riverside, Illinois.

I Am Not A Paper Cup (porcelain w/silicon lid)

Mini journal set

Coonley glasses
$7.95 ea.

Gel bracelets
$30.00 ea.

Magnetic vases
$45.00 for 5
Perfect for an outdoor party as they appear to magically withstand wind.

Color and Light Dwelling paperweight
Each set comes with an illustrated book containing suggestions for building one-of-a-kind houses, towers and more.

Dozi paperclip holder

Crumpled cups (porcelain)
$35 for 3

Distinct patterned glasses
$115-125.00 for 6

Outline vase (porcelain)

Lemon squeezer (stainless steel)
Insert the sharp end into a lemon, and with a light twist and squeeze of the fruit, the freshly-pressed juice is easily and neatly served. Honored with the Danish Formland Prize in 1995.

Architect's Blueprint paperweight (silk-screened vinyl wrapped around steel weight)

Batucada Drops necklace
This statement piece is made from eco-friendly plastic that lays flat on the skin giving the appearance of a tatoo.

Twist grinder (soft-matte ABS plastic)
$78.00 ea.

MoMA Rubik's cube (Manhattan graphic w/MoMA building)

Double Elvis matted print by Andy Warhol

Coonley metal frame

Invisible playing cards

Japanese Modern postcard box
$3.99 for 50

99 Cents by Andreas Gursky poster

Breakfast at Tiffany's movie print

Kami-Robo paper robots (movable parts)

Bean vacuum jug (thermal)

New York Movie Poster magnets
$12.95 for 4

Snatch Game
Players alternate turning over letter tiles until a word of three or more letters can be formed.

Vin Eau Carafe (porcelain - 2 cups stored in top)

Warhol Famous Quotes matted print

Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso print

Chalkboard napkin rings
$65.00 for 4

Lawrence frame (adapted from skylight designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

Phases of the Moon 2009 calendar

Andy Warhol watches
$95.00 ea.

Vertigo print

West Side Story print

Pop Art postcard box
$20.95 for 50
Expressing the cultural and political spirit of the 1960s, the Pop Art movement embraced the everyday world of consumerism, mass reproduction and advertising.

Aluminum cube jigger
This cube jigger has a different liquid measure on each of its six sides ranging from .5 oz. to 2.25 oz. Includes a booklet with 20 popular cocktail recipes.

Sabuda Pop-Up Flowers note cards
$21.95 for 8

Dali note cards set
$14.95 for 10

Plush Petit Fours
Perfect for play tea parties.

Zolo A-Go-Go play sculpture set
48 colorful and fun-shaped plastic pieces create endless imaginative objects.

MoMA Garden poster
$18.95 (framed = $175.00)

Blue II poster by Joan Miro

Fruit Loop bowl (steel chrome wire)

Magnetic coasters (aluminum - they stack easily)
$25.00 for 4

Pinocchio tape measure

Harmonic basket by Alessi (stainless steel)

Desk Dots (ceramic magnets)
$22.00 for 6

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