Gift Guide 2008


Bird Chandelier mobile (mat board)

Antiqued Leaf hair clip

Monkey'Eye pillow (Vampire edition)

Riku belt

Ukiyo5 pillowcase (Zoe)

Ukiyo5 pillowcase (Riku)

Riku Tee (Ladies)

Naughty Bunny bucket hat
Shana Logic

Bob Richardson
by Terry Richardson (editor) and Bob Richardson (photographer)

Inside Bob Richardson

The T-Shirt Book
by Charlotte Brunel

Inside The T-Shirt Book

The Little Black Dress
by Didier Ludot
Didier Ludot owns the most famous vintage clothing store in Paris, La Petite Robe Noire. (amazon.ca)

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion
by Sarah Mower et al
From the editors of Style.com, the hub of runway buzz, comes this savvy look at the individuals who propel the fashion world forward and declare what's hot and what's not. (amazon.ca)

Inside Stylist

Paris 1962: Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, the Early Collections
...youth and fashion, both fleeting by nature, are frozen, perfectly preserved for fashionistas and photography buffs alike. (amazon.ca)

Inside Paris 1962

Dressing in the Dark: Lessons in Men's Style from the Movies
by Marion Maneker
This book is a good primer for dressing swellegantly. (amazon.ca)

Krink X laptop case

Roller Stop (resin bookend or door stop)
Revolve Clothing

Baby giraffe ring holder

Croc-embossed small leather notebook
$79.95 ea.

Twist wine opener
Shop our Give Pink collection and we'll donate 10% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation.

Italian herb garden

USB beverage chiller

Soap Rocks
$12.00 ea.
Extra mild scented soaps made to look like geological specimens. Extra long lasting. Contains all natural ingredients, herb extracts and minerals.

Saipua soaps
$8.00 ea.
Saipua, the Finnish word for soap, is a small, family owned business based in the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn, NY.
Choose: White grapefruit w/bergamot & litsea, Coffee mint w/sweet almond oil...

Clover Leaves cake pedestal (decoupage)

Lourdes bracelet (Men's)
It reads: The more joy we have, the more nearly perfect we are.

D.L. & Co. mini candles set

D.L. & Co. diffuser

Uma incense holder (stainless steel w/ceramic base)

Maison Creed perfume

Striped laptop sleeve (neoprene)
MoMA Store

Mirror leather passport case

Beauty Mirror
It reads: Oh, how beautiful you are! You're charming. You look gorgeous!...

Embroidered canvas billfold

Cobra yoga mat

La Rosa fruit bowl
$69.00 for small

Hint Mints - Black Licorice
Kosher, vegan and sugar-free mints made with 100% natural black licorice powder and cooled by natural peppermint oil.

Etched card case

Etched card case

Nambe movie frame

Nambe arc frame

Time Square Jet Lag clock

Lawn card case

Home & Studio card case

Geometric card case
Unica Home

Dots - Gray card case

Petal card case

Fingerprints card case

Collins Avenue card case

Mosaic card case

Superhero card case
ACME Studio, Inc.

LED Mirror
cost = 300 pounds
Time, date, program and save personalised messages, up to 4000 characters, remote control or connect to your PC. (suck.uk.com)

MarieBelle 25 piece Blue Box
Chocolate flavors may include any of our 27 different flavors: Dulce de Leche, Champagne, Earl Grey Tea...(mariebelle.com)

Washington D.C. City Plate (set of eleven)
$50.00 ea.