Gift Guide 2008


Definition of Time by Wooteik Lim
Definition of Time envisages a time piece not really suited for easy time telling but the piece is quite sculptural easily making it a centerpiece in your home.
Casting a Shadow on Old Wall Clocks

Wildstyle Green Street Gnome by Vitamin
The traditional garden gnome updated for an urban setting. Handmade of bone china and tattooed with eleven different graphic designs. This "street edition" of one-off pieces is exclusive to Generate.
Street Gnomes
Urban Gnomes

Visionaire 54 Sport
Visionaire presents issue 54 SPORT, our first wearable publication. SPORT is produced as four different sets, each containing three printed Lacoste polo shirts embedded within its pages: one large, one medium and one small, as well as a book featuring all twelve images.
$157.50 per set (amazon.com)
Visionaire 54 Sport

Inside Visionaire 54 Sport

Growing Jewelry by Hafsteinn Juliusson
The collection of this hand jewelry is designed for people in cities and is an experiment in drawing nature toward man.
Growing Jewelry