Grupo Corpo

"...arguably the best on the planet." -The Globe and Mail

Grupo Corpo are a Brazilian contemporary dance theatre company founded in 1975 by Paulo Pederneiras. During Corpo's history, it has gone through several changes in style and structure but has always maintained the common thread of using a Brazilian base to its dancing and music. The group perform internationally and have been acclaimed by critics. Their routines are particularly known for challenging audience perceptions of ballet and modern dance (Wikipedia)

What distinguishes Brazil's most popular company is the equal thought given to design and theatricality. Choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras's forte is rhythm-driven dance that is as graceful and lyrical as it is physically demanding. His unique fusion of Brazilian popular dance with challenging contemporary technique is set against spectacular visual elements devised by brother Paulo, and performed by dancers of astonishing elasticity. (The Globe and Mail - 2003)

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