Velvet da Vinci

Opened in 1991, Velvet da Vinci (our name inspired by an old Perry Mason television episode) is a gallery of contemporary craft specializing in artist jewelry and metalwork. Representing artists from the US, Europe, Latin America and Japan, the quality and range of work shown at Velvet da Vinci has made it a regular must-see stop for collectors, museum curators, and other knowledgeable art and art-jewelry enthusiasts.

Brooch__Susan Cross

Element 3 necklace__Karen Gilbert

Pendant__Jessica Turrell

Brooch__Castello Hansen

Necklace__Mark Nuell

A Dot of Illusion pendant__Jin A. Jung

Persiana pendant__Elisabetta Dupre

Pendant__Masato Inoue

Translucence Series necklace__Donald Friedlich

Ploy neckpiece__Karen Gilbert

Brooch__Donna D'Aquino

Brooch__Ben Neubauer

Pendant__Julia Turner

Pendant__Julia Turner

The Pendant Show - 2008
Contemporary Jewelry from Italy - 2008
The Earring Show - 2007
Architectonics: Foundations in Jewelry - 2007
The Necklace Show - 2006
100% Proof - 2006
Swedish Jewelry - 2005
100 Brooches - 2005
Fresh Air from Korea - 2005